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Nominated for CIPA EVVY 2017

 ALL ROADS HOME has 36 short stories, poems, and plays that deal with isolation, depression, loss, coping, horror, the supernatural, and 


...The use of the word "home" suggests yearning for home, finding home and escaping from home. A road to normalcy, happiness and understanding. In a weird way...

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Shattered lives... without each other, they were nothing. ALL ROADS SHATTERED contains the sagas "Outposts III" and "People of Gods, five literary, multi-genre, dark fictions short stories and twelve macabre poems

ALL ROADS DESTINED is broken into three parts. 1. Outposts II, where the post apocalyptic saga started in ALL ROADS HOME shifts toward science fiction. 2. The Enduring, contains five literary dark fiction short stories. 3. The Fragments, include fifteen poems of struggle and destination.

...Our destiny is what we bring to the world where tears and blood are paved in eternal stone....


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